Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software, enabling businesses and consumers to protect their infrastructure, information and interactions by delivering software and services that address risks to security, availability, compliance and performance.  Symantec backup, security and remote access software has been added to QuickWWWeb's software offerings.  Check out our selection below and request a price quote!
  Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers
Backup Exec™ 11d for Windows Servers delivers continuous protection for Exchange, eliminating daily backup windows and providing point-in-time recovery.  Backup Exec 11d also lets you recover critical Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Active Directory data in seconds.  Improved data recovery for Exchange means no more mailbox backups, recovery of individual SharePoint documents, SQL 2005 snapshots and Active Directory components.  Backup Exec 11d delivers enhanced data security with encryption and expanded platform support including 64-bit enhanced Windows environments.  With its existing family of high performance agents and options, Backup Exec 11d is the gold standard in Windows data recovery.

    Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers
    Backup Exec 11d for Windows Small Business Servers
    Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange Servers
  Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0
Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery 7.0 is the gold standard in complete Windows® system recovery, with the ability to restore systems in minutes, not hours or days even to dissimilar hardware, virtual environments or remote, unattended locations.  To extend your recovery capabilities even further, Backup Exec System Recovery can quickly restore Microsoft® Exchange messages, folders and mailboxes, and it integrates with Google™ Desktop and Backup Exec Retrieve for simple file recovery.  Centralized management capabilities in Backup Exec System Recovery Manager help simplify administration by providing IT administrators with an at-a-glance view of system recovery jobs across your entire organization.  Also available as an Option to Backup Exec for Windows Servers.

    Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0 - Server Edition
    Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0 - Small Business Server Edition
    Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0 - Desktop Edition
  Enterprise Vault
Symantec Enterprise Vault 2007 provides a software-based intelligent archiving platform that stores, manages, and enables discovery of corporate data from email systems, file server environments, instant messaging platforms,  content management and collaboration systems.  Enterprise Vault uses intelligent classification engines to manage data, improving a company's ability to retain and protect corporate information while reducing storage costs and simplifying management.

    Enterprise Vault 2007
    Enterprise Vault 2007 Discovery Accelerator
  Mail Security
Symantec Mail Security Enterprise Edition delivers best-of-breed antispam, antivirus and content filtering protection for the SMTP gateway, Microsoft® Exchange and Lotus Domino® servers in a single bundled offering that features flexible deployment options.  The solution uses award-winning Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam™ and Symantec AntiVirus™ technologies to filter spam, stop email threats, and control content at the gateway and groupware tiers.  Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam technology stops more than 97% of spam, while producing less than one false positive for every million emails analyzed.  It streamlines email infrastructure management by providing all key email security technologies from a single vendor.

    Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange
    Mail Security for SMTP
  Hosted Mail Security
Symantec Hosted Mail Security protects your email infrastructure from spam, viruses and other unwanted content without requiring on-site hardware, software or ongoing maintenance.  Hosted by Symantec, the solution features award-winning Brightmail AntiSpam and Symantec AntiVirus technologies, flexible quarantine management, graphical reporting and protections against directory harvest attacks and other email-borne threats.

    Hosted Mail Security for Small Business Server
  Endpoint Protection
Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 11.0 proactively protects your company laptops, desktops and servers by combining antivirus, antispyware, desktop firewall, intrusion prevention and device control.  This comprehensive, easy-to-use solution combines Symantec AntiVirus™ with advanced threat prevention available in a single agent and also in business packs.  It is an easy upgrade from Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, Symantec™ Client Security and Symantec Sygate™ Enterprise Protection.

    Endpoint Protection 11.0
    Endpoint Protection 11.0 - Small Business Server Edition
Multi-tier Protection
Symantec™ Multi-tier Protection provides unmatched protection against malware for multi-OS network environments, mail servers and mail gateways.  This solution is available in all Symantec license programs, and is an easy upgrade from Symantec AntiVirus™ Corporate Edition and Symantec™ Client Security, as well as a natural upgrade from Symantec™ Endpoint Protection.  Add on Symantec™ Network Access Control for a comprehensive endpoint security solution for your customers.

    Multi-tier Protection
Network Access Control
Symantec™ Network Access Control 11.0 allows your customers to securely control access to corporate networks, enforces endpoint security policy and easily integrates with all existing network infrastructures.  Available as a starter edition or with full functionality, it is found in all Symantec license programs and is best suited for organizations with at least 100 employees.  Seamlessly integrated with Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 11.0, Network Access Control is a perfect add-on for to Symantec Endpoint Protection.

    Network Access Control
    Network Access Control - Starter Edition
Symantec pcAnywhere™, the world’s leading remote control solution*, helps organizations manage remote computers securely - even across routers and firewalls.  The solution supports multiple platforms for both host and remote systems, including Windows®, Linux® and Mac OS X®, for compatibility in today’s heterogeneous operating environments.  All hosts can also be securely accessed from Microsoft® Pocket PC devices or Web browsers.  Extensive remote management tools enable fast problem resolution for helpdesk and server support.  A new single point-of-access gateway component and a host invitation feature help mitigate private/dynamic IP challenges while minimizing port opening or forwarding through firewalls and NAT devices.

    pcAnywhere Access Server
Ghost Solution Suite
Symantec Ghost™ Solution Suite version 2.0 provides rapid and reliable Windows Vista migration.  Ghost assists in all phases of a migration including pre-migration planning and budgeting, migration and ongoing management of mixed systems.  It enhances and leverages Microsoft’s own best practices and helps to lower information technology costs by streamlining and automating end-to-end migration tasks.  Ghost offers a single centralized management console, support for accelerated multicast deployments, software and hardware inventory, comprehensive user data and settings migration and secure system retirement.  Ghost’s real-life usage by over 120 million customers delivers a solution that is easy to install, configure and use.

    Ghost Solution Suite 2.0