Yosemite Backup is a suite of products that combine to create unified data protection (backup) solutions.  From the desktop and notebook computer to the datacenter these solutions are specifically designed to meet the varying needs of small to medium-sized businesses.  Yosemite products operate in Microsoft Windows, Linux and Novell NetWare environments. Yosemite Backup makes backup easy by utilizing a common user interface, a seamless upgrade path and simplified licensing that avoids node locking or tiered pricing.   With all products listed below, installation is easy and only takes a few minutes.  Once installed, users are presented with an intuitive Windows XP-like interface.  Wizards for nearly every task are available to assist novice users in deploying a data protection plan that safeguards your data loss or corruption.  Check out our selection below and request a price quote!
  Yosemite Backup Desktop
Yosemite Backup Desktop protects and optionally encrypts the data on a single laptop or desktop workstation to locally-attached archive devices such as tape drives, CD/DVD drives, or external hard drives.  Yosemite Backup delivers the features and functions that many customers depend on to protect business data in a package designed for the home user or small office owner.
  Yosemite Backup PC Workgroup
Yosemite Backup PC Workgroup allows customers to centrally backup, restore, and manage up to ten networked PCs from a single PC with a locally-attached storage device.  Yosemite Backup PC Workgroup delivers the features and functions that many customers depend on to protect their business' data in a package designed specifically for the small office user. 
  Yosemite FileKeeper
Yosemite FileKeeper provides organizations with secure and transparent protection of user data on Edge systems such as laptop and desktop computers.  FileKeeper's patent-pending technology protects every document a user edits at the instant they save their documents to disk, regardless of where the documents are stored or whether the system is connected to or disconnected from the network.  File recoveries are simple and easy through FileKeeper's intuitive, context-sensitive right-click menus.
  Yosemite Backup Single Server
Single Server Edition is the perfect solution for customers who employ a single server for storing and sharing files across their network.  Single Server Edition gives you all the features of Yosemite Backup Standard Master Server such as: media encryption, calendar-based scheduling, wizard-based interface, unlimited backup to disk, multi-platform support, bare metal disaster recovery (optional) and open file protection (optional) without the complexity and cost of the things you don't need such as: database agents, media and client servers and automated data movement.
  Yosemite Backup SBS Master Server
Yosemite Backup SBS Master Server is an economical and comprehensive all-in-one data protection solution designed specifically for Microsoft Small Business Server installations.  With application and database-aware agents, you can be assured that valuable application and database data is protected in native formats without taking these applications offline.  Installation and management of SBS Master Server is easy through a broad selection of Task Wizards and quickly accessible with System Tray icon access.  The SBS Master Server's Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Option provides "bootable" media that allows quick recovery from complete system failure without the need to reinstall the operating system and applications.
  Yosemite Backup Standard Master Server
Yosemite Backup Standard Master Server is the only data protection solution that runs natively on Windows, Netware or Linux, provides all options and agents from a single binary image, and enables agent and option additions through a simple license key.  This means no more "rip and replace" upgrades and your data protection solution can expand quickly and easily as the environment grows.  This is the perfect backup solution whether you have a single server or hundreds and your servers run Linux, Windows, Netware, or a combination of all 3. Standard Master Server is scalable and flexible.
  Yosemite Backup Advanced Master Server
Yosemite Backupô Advanced is designed for midsize customers in need of protecting a large number of servers and large volumes of data without the cost and complexity of a enterprise-class solution.  It includes a highly-scalable, modular architecture designed to easily protect large volumes of data stored across a large number of servers running any combination of Windows, Linux or Netware.  Yosemite Backup Advanced contains features such as Self-Tuning Logic, integrated Virtual Tape Library (VTL), media encryption and D2D2Ne are included for FREE and designed to deliver the performance required by environments of this size without the need for a dedicated data protection team.